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Pep Guardiola quits Barcelona: Watch press conference here

Guardiola has made known his intention to quit barcelona at the end of the season.Clubs will be looking out for him.He has records to prove his worth.Had it been his team made it to the finals,he will not quit,anyway,i wouldn't have known.


lionel messi is waiting for chelsea at camp nou . barcelona always fight hard in camp nou. Its hard for a team to beat them.

Didier Drogba: The Man Of The Match

Chelsea should give didier drogba credit for winning the match at home.I hope chelsea will prepare well for their away match against barcelona.Barcelona will want to win at camp nou.we are waiting to see the end result.

cesc says his quality of play has improved since arsenal

who will survive the heat?

Chelsea will have to work hard for today's match.Am sure they would not want barca to take the glory today.

Wenger frustrated by performance

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was left frustrated with his side after seeing them lose to Wigan at home on Monday.

Arsene Wenger shows his growing frustration
GettyImagesArsene Wenger shows his growing frustration

The Gunners succumbed to a 2-0 deficit after just eight minutes, a disadvantage that proved insurmountable over the remainder of the game - with Thomas Vermaelen's first half strike ultimately not proving the start of an expected comeback.

Wenger blamed a combination of a lack of hunger and fatigue for the disappointing performance and result.

"I concede that we were not at our best tonight, but it still seems harsh to lose the game like that," Wenger told Sky Sports. "In the second half I felt we lost condition, and we didn't have enough productivity.

"We lost our sharpness and they defended well. I felt in the first half they shouldn't have the lead - but in the second half we did not create much because we didn't have the motivation."