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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Top 5 Tips On How To Get a Man To Find You Irresistibly Attractive

By AJ Martinez Have you ever noticed one of your friends dating someone that was not exactly her type? Although the guy probably was not the type that she would normally go for, chances are he used one or more of these tips to "override" her basic idea of what she normally finds attractive. Here is a list of the top five tips that will help you with how to attract men: 1. Emotional Arousal This one tip will help you get more dates than any other technique out there. As a general rule of thumb, whenever our bodies produce adrenaline (such as during a fight or flight response), feelings of attraction along with desire to those around us often come about. Adrenaline produced through any state of increased arousal (whether it be fear, excitement, exercise, or whatever) will generate and intensify passionate feelings. Whenever two people are together and some sort of emotional arousal takes place (such as with rollercoaster rides, scary movies, or even physical exercise), his arousal will be connected to whomever he is with. Therefore, whenever you're in the early stages of a dating relationship, you may want to consider a trip to the amusement park, haunted house, scary movie, or even the gym to work out. Out of all the ways to attract a man, this may be the most effective one for you. 2. Looking Deeply Into His Eyes The next time you are having a conversation with a guy that you really like, be sure to really gaze into his eyes. If you have ever wondered how to make a man love you or how to keep a guy interested, gazing into his eyes will most likely lead him to fall in love with you. The next time you are speaking or listening to a guy, don't forget to keep that eye contact. 3. The Law of Contrast and Association When you want another man to find you attractive, initially you want to meet this person either by yourself or when you have another attractive man beside you (this could be a brother, cousin, platonic friend, etc.). We have this way of judging others not only by themselves, but also in contrast to others. Men will unconsciously think of her physical attributes in comparison to those she is with. The "average looking" female will be seen as "one unit" with the "above average looking" guy she's with. Therefore, whenever trying to approach a cute guy for the first time, you may want to avoid having someone not-so-attractive (of either sex) by your side. 4. The Link Between Self Esteem and Attraction This is another tactic that you can use to your advantage if you feel your beauty is "average looking". As a general rule of thumb, whenever a man is introduced to a woman (or vice versa), he will find her more appealing if his self-esteem has been temporarily injured. While you wouldn't want to go out of your way to make a man feel bad about himself, you should keep in mind that if this guy recently had a rejection/breakup of some sort, then you would appear even more attractive than if his self-esteem were in high gear. Whenever you see a cute guy at a club, bar, or other social gathering and he's either around other even more attractive people or by himself down and out, you just might surprise yourself and make his day. 5. Mutual Liking As a general rule of thumb, whenever we find out that someone we like likes us back, this will awaken romantic feelings within us. Not only do we like those who like us back, but we are also more attracted to those once we know they are attracted to us. This is due to a necessary aspect of passionate feelings known as hope. Therefore, if there's a handsome man you've had your eye on and you're not sure if he likes you back, find a way to make your interest known to him. Find a way to flirt with him and make it known that you like him. These five tips will go a long way to help you in attracting men your direction. I wish you well in your quest to find genuine love and romance.