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Saturday, October 18, 2014

6 Tips for Writing High Quality & Customer Driven Content Copy

headlines-900x244You got your domain and you have your content ready and you are thriving to get visitors to your website. You must notice that you have some visitors visiting your website but unfortunately they leave the site quickly without looking into the further. You must be annoying to see horrible website stats? What’s the big deal? Of course they didn’t get anything that attracts them, and, even your website looks pretty amazing. Hmm! It is quite sure that your content needs to be more engaging and compelling or you need to put little more efforts in making your content copies more readable and interesting for your readers.Most experts’ points out that a pretty website is not all you need – you need killing content too. If this is where you are at then this blog post would help you! I am going to explain you few tips to create high quality, engaging website copies that you will be greatly pleased to:

Do I Need SEO Optimization?Yeah! You must need SEO optimization to rank Web Copies higher in Search Results. Google does change things, their highest updates have been to authenticate engagement and honor improved and nicely written material. That is why Google focuses on an update i.e. Panda (Google’sPanda Update is a search filter introduced in February 2011 meant to stop sites with poor quality content from working their way into Google’s top search results. Panda is updated from time-to-time. When this happens, sites previously hit may escape, if they’ve made the right changes.) Seeking Optimization, which evolves “keyword density” could merely an important factor of a page. During optimization, ignoring keyword density will never destroy a web copy. No need to get worried about! Don’t try keywords counting – not to worry about the amount of the keywords you are using. Try to be focused on what yo
u are providing to your readers and think about your audience and research instead.
Do I need to be Expressive?
Yeah! You must be! Try to compile your Web copies short but descriptive. Do not try to lengthen your posts; this annoys the readers. Try to finish your viewpoint in just few lines and make sure your words say it all. Let’s say, you are writing something about your home page, services and products. In short you need to describe everything you think falls under to your readers descriptively and give them feel like they are already getting to know you. Similarly, if you are writing Meta Description of a Web Copy, then it should be more relevant and targeted. Expressing yourself and your services is an art and you must take care of your write-up when you are writing for a Web Copy.
Do I need to make my Web Copy Simple?
Of course! If you want to see your web content engaging then it is very important to make your written copies simpler plus descriptive and creative. If want your readers to stay at your content, then you must write things simple and descriptive. Do not use hard words as not every other reader is English guru. Write copy that uses basic words and defines things instead of using Gurus only those in the industry will know.
Why Should I address visitor’s problem?
I have seen loads, that web page or you can say writers ignoring the basic rules of engaging website copy – they are not addressing the visitor’s problems, which in result causing quick bounces. Visitors are coming to your website for solutions and they are looking for some help. And if you failed to help them they 
leave your website quickly. And you of course won’t afford that if you are generating loads of web copies in a month. I always try to give a solution rather giving my personal opinion to my visitors. So staying in touch with your visitors will help you finding repeat visitors plus extra millage.
Why Should I Make Compelling Headlines?
When you type a search query there are numerous search results with rich titles and finding yourself in them is a bit challenging. So if your headline has what a searcher is looking for then you must be lucky. Headline is the most important factor for a web copy and you need to write something that will push people to click on your headline and then something that will attract them to buy from you. It is very similar that you are selling a product and the title is not catchy. In my opinion a title is a gateway to your web copy. A good headline or a title must be sensible and provide information that a searcher is looking for.
I want my audience be entertained:
lastly but not least most importantly, know who you are writing for? Do not starts immediately, plan your content on a piece of paper, get everything aligned, get some online demographics to know your audience age group, sex, etc. then start writing for them. Without knowing you audience, it is just like you are jumping into the pool without knowing its depth. You must know who you are selling to? I would say before writing a web copy, do research on your audience and their behaviors. It will help you write an engaging web copy. 

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