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Saturday, March 29, 2014

‘Giroud Primed To Stay At Arsenal!’

'Giroud Primed To Stay At Arsenal!'
The French international has come under public scrutiny for his labored performances in recent games, most notably against Chelsea and Swansea Citeven though he scord there, but he has been accused of not giving his 100% in games while being found guilty of going missing in big games where Arsenal have suffered heavily this campaign.
Despite his goal tally of 19 goals in all competitions this time around, not many are happy with his performances and with many calling for a new and a more mobile and pacy striker up front. There were sections of the media who also believed that the 27-year old will be offloaded by the Gunners who will replace him with a big money striker in the summer.
However, Giroud’s agent has now come out in the open and has publicly dismissed such baseless rumors, while maintaining that on the contrary, the attacker intends to sit down with the club and sign a new deal at the end of the season.

Metro reported him as saying, “The rumours about Olivier are not surprising given that he is having a great season,”
“He’s very settled in London and the club is happy with him. I think there is no possibility he might change club. At the end of the season we will meet with the Gunners to discuss a contract extension.”
Giroud will be hoping that this will go some distance to clearing the air over his future.
by Ashley B

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