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“What It Takes To Attract Beautiful Women… And Why They Try So Hard To Look Hot And Dress Sexy…”

Why Women Dress Sexy
Ever wonder why so many attractive women try SO hard to look even hotter and dress even sexier when they go out?

It's an interesting question.
Let's think about it from the woman's perspective…
An attractive woman gets attention from men all the time, no matter how she looks or what she's wearing.
She doesn't need to “accent” her beauty to get attention from men looking to attract beautiful women.
And the question becomes even more interesting when you consider that, most often, it's the MOST BEAUTIFUL women who go to the GREATEST lengths to enhance their beauty.
But WHY?
Here a few of the reasons attractive women go to such great lengths to squeeze that “extra little bit” out of their beauty…

1. She Wants To Maximize Her Strengths To Attract The “Best” Men

Imagine that a beautiful woman is getting ready to go to a party.
There will be a hundred men at this party, and it follows that only a few of them will be the “best” ones.
Do you think this beautiful woman will settle for one of the average (or worse) ones running around, dropping lame lines “designed” to attract hot women?
No way.
A woman wants to get the “best” man in the room. But the best man also has OPTIONS. Lots of women to choose from.
So she feels like she needs to “fix herself up” to have the BEST chance of getting THAT guy.

2. She Needs To Deal With Competition From Other Women.

Attractive women tend to be VERY, VERY competitive.
When a “hot” woman walks into a room, EVERYONE checks her out.
It's competition, intimidation, and millions of years of evolution rolled up into one ferocious package
Guys looks her up and down with a “let me get a good look because I'll be using her as a spank-it fantasy later” stare.
But the “best” men in the room, the ones who have REAL options, only glance quickly and make a mental note to talk to her later.
Meanwhile, the OTHER hot women in the room all look at her and give her…
Because another hot woman is instantly seen as COMPETITION. She doesn't want OTHER hot women competing with her for the “best guys.”
It's competition, intimidation, and millions of years of evolution rolled up into one ferocious package.
In order to MINIMIZE their competition, they FIX THEMSELVES UP and emphasize their good points TO THE MAX.

3. Keep the TENSION UP.

One of my favorite concepts is “Never let the line go slack”.
This means that once you SPARK “chemistry” or “sexual tension”, you need to KEEP IT UP.
Just because she starts doing things that hint she's interested, doesn't mean that it's time for you to STOP.
Quite the opposite, actually.
Turn UP the volume. It's working, so do more!

4. She Wants Attention And Approval

At the very core of human psychology and behavior are the concepts of ATTENTION and APPROVAL. Some evolutionary theorists think that the basic formula goes like this:
Why Women Dress Sexy
If you get more attention from others, then you and your offspring are more likely to survive and pass on your genes to future generations.
If others DON'T like you and give you attention, you are going to have a hard time finding a mate…
… and reproducing.
It just so happens that an attractive woman has a great indicator of whether or not “the group” likes and approves of her…
It's the amount of ATTENTION she gets.
If a woman is getting a lot of attention, it keeps her feeling “OK”. She knows she's accepted by the group, that she's going to stay healthy and have a good chance of mating with a “top male”.
But it's also why, when YOU try to attract beautiful women, it's important you don't communicate to her that you are “overwhelmed by her beauty,” or chasing her, or too weak to express yourself well.
When you actively control the amount of attention you give her, you STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD.
Don't show her “approval” too quickly (maybe even show her some DISAPPROVAL)… and you've created a POWERFUL interest inside of her.
Because every guy that comes within ten feet of a hot woman can't stop looking at her. He makes it clear he would be willing to do anything for her.
So imagine what happens when she meets a guy that isn't like all these other guys AT ALL.
He acts like he's not impressed with her beauty. He even busts her balls a little. She can't tell if he likes her or not… and her systems are scrambled. She feels CHALLENGED.
Then, for some reason she can't explain, she starts to feel a GUT LEVEL ATTRACTION to him.
In other words, it's like she's under a magic spell: she switches from being pursued… to the one DOING THE PURSUING!
by David DeAngelo


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