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REVEALED: Senators' Salaries And Allowances In Nigeria

According to reports, below is an alleged breakdown of senators' salary and allowances in Nigeria:

Basic Salary (BS) = N2,484,245.50
Hardship Allowance: 50% of Basic Salary = N1,242,122.75.
Constituency allowance: 200% of BS = N4,968,509.00.
Furniture Allowance: 300% of BS = N7,452,736.50.
Newspaper allowance: 50% = N1,242,122.70.
Wardrobe allowance: 25% = N621,061.37.
Recess Allowance: 10% = N248,424.55.
Accommodation: 200% = N4,968,509.00.
Utilities: 30% = N828,081.83.
Domestic Staff: 35% = N863,184.12.
Entertainment: 30% = N828,081.83.
Personal Assistance: 25% = N621,061.37.
Vehicle Maintenance Allowance: 75% = N1,863,184.12.
Leave Allowance : 10% = N248,424.55
One off payments (Severance gratuity): 300% = N7,452,736.50. Motor Vehicle Allowance: 400% of BS = N9,936,982.00.

Total per month = N29,479, 749.00. [$190,192]

Wow, no wonder they never want to leave office! They even earn more than their "first" world counterparts! Do you think they deserve this bumper pay or not?

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